Who are we

AvianBPO is the best way to find and hire pre-screened virtual assistants. We interview hundreds of freelancers every week, but only the top 3% are allowed to join our network.

When business owners need to hire reliable talent, they can send us a simple request and, usually within 24 hours, be put in touch with suitable candidates.

We take care of the recruiting process so you can emphasis on what you do best: growing your businesses.

Our Mission

To assist the millions of freelancers and online businesses out there, we're working to find a remedy for the problem of virtual recruiting. We make it easier for our freelancers to find steady, long-term work. We give our clients a fast and reliable way to hire skilled people from anywhere.

Most importantly, our key objective is linking these two communities together.

Meet Our Team

Robin Kumar Paul

Chief Executive Officer

Shuvo Sarker

Sr. Product Manager

Arshil Azim

Content Marketer

Farhana Afroze

HR manager

Ali Hossain

Product Manager

Rokaiya Khatun

Content Writer

Our Community Service Activity

Our Founder Robin Paul Interviewed Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak at Stanford University, California.